For years, we’ve been taught to repress our collective inner child, which always wants what it wants now, and, invariably, more of it, too.

But the nice thing about getting older is that, once we reach a certain age (generally around the time we’re given the vote), we can take all of those old rules and, within reason, break them as we see fit.

So, if we choose, at the risk of spoiling our dinners, to eat our desserts first, well…who’s gonna stop us?

And we think we’ve come up with one of the rule-breakingest rule-breakers of all. Introducing the formidable Pick Me Up milkshake, one of our Six Boozy Shakes.

And those rules it brakes?

Well, one, it contains a shot of booze, in this case the liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream. Two, it’s flavored with a shot of Stumptown espresso. And three, it’s a milkshake, meaning ice cream, meaning, in all its essence, sugar.

So in summary, you’ve got a sweet, boozy, caffeinated cocktail all dressed up like a dessert. In a way, the Pick Me Up is kind of like a wholesome, yet far classier, Four Loco. With sugar.

And if you really want to be a rebel and impress your date, make your preprandial cocktail a boozy shake, because who can resist someone who orders their dessert first?