ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE POMANDER Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Okay, someone’s gotta say it, so here goes. It’s time. Time to put away your summer shoes. Time to fold up your white slacks and stow away your summer dresses, because summer, while not officially over, according to the Pope’s calendar, is at an end.

We know. It’s almost like it never even happened, but here we are: September.

But don’t get too blue, because we’ve got just the thing to help you transition from the summer that was to the fall that is.

And that thing, our newest, locally distilled, craft Homegrown Wednesdays cocktail, is a little something we like to call the Pomander.

Without getting too far into it, a pomander is a ball, often made from spices and fruits, that give off pleasant smells that bring to mind bright, crisp autumn days.

So what, wondered Original cocktailier Jessica Braasch, would an autumn day taste like if it was made from booze?

This is what dawned on her.

First, a Pomander must have rum, and a spicy one, at that. That’s why she uses a Gold Rum, which has been aged for 30 days in toasted oak barrels by the folks at Eastside Distilling (née Deco Distilling).

Then, she says, it should have something pastoral. Ergo: Herbal Liqueur No. 7, a potent liqueur resulting in a pleasant amalgam of flavors (cinnamon, caraway, birch syrup), and made from herbs grown in and harvested from the rolling gardens of Mcmenamin’s Edgefield estate.

Served on the rocks, topped off with orange juice and a scattered speckling of freshly grated cinnamon (which gives the whole shebang a bright, nutty kick), this clever little drink will help brace you for the cool days ahead and allow you to forget all about last summer’s white shoes.

So come on in and taste what September really tastes like.