A Happy Hour isn’t happy unless it’s got Buffalo Wings. And we’ve got ’em. Delicious, tender, sticky, messy* wings, at once, glowing both orange and red.

And we serve ’em the only way to serve ’em, lightly washed in what the purists will tell you is the one true wing sauce, Frank’s RedHot.

The wings’ creation, like all creation myths, takes many forms, but it’s generally agreed that the idea of deep frying chicken and then tossing it in a cayenne pepper sauce was born in the middle of the last century in the unlikely city of Buffalo, New York.

And while some people might tell you that wings are wings, a purist will tell that all wings are not crated equally. And while we at The Original do consider ourselves purists, we also like to consider how to make a good thing better.

That’s why we source our wings from Draper Valley. And once we get the wings (and drumsticks), we brine them in brown sugar, salt, thyme, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaves and apple cider vinegar) before smoking them for nearly an hour over hickory wood. Then we bake them. Then we fry them. And then we toss them in hot sauce.

Artfully piled on a plate, with a stalks of celery, a ramekin of blue cheese dressing and a few extra napkins (trust), and they are ready to be had, so have at ’em.

*Hint: Purists will also tell you that eating wings requires only two things: your hands and your mouth. And since wings can be so messy to eat, they’ll tell you that the proper way to eat them is to so without concern for your appearance, meaning you don’t need to dab the sauce away after each bite, because you’re going to be covered in it anyway after eating the next one. So get in there, get dirty and just eat ’em. You can clean yourself up when they’re gone.