Our Milkshakes Are Addictive

Our Milkshakes Are Addictive Monday, August 15, 2016

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It’s no secret that our hand crafted milkshakes are addictive and crowd-pleasing. Now with the summer weather and the kids out of school our shakes have become something of a special local treat for all ages.

Our shake creations have become this city’s favorite because of the mix of classic flavors combined with some classic dessert favorites like doughnuts, cobbler and chocolate cake.  Our chefs have also included breakfast items like pancakes and bacon. If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you’ll see our late night “crazy shakes” that are created and change to be as decadent and indulgent as our chefs want to take it. To order the shakes guests can say “they saw it on Instagram or Facebook” and it’s been a fun way to interact with guests and serve this new, funky menu.

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Another twist to the classic milkshake is our “boozy” shakes. These sweet confections are perfect for a late night dessert or an after dinner treat. It’s another way to experience our shakes but put an adult edge to it. Think of it as a grown-up dessert.


Our culinary creativity has also been recognized and featured online as some of our nation’s best. We are so excited to be among some incredible company – we have been included in round ups from USA TODAY as

Bravo TV also featured us for our “crazy shake” and PureWow named The Original as the best milkshake in the state of Oregon. To read more, click on the links below.

USA Today

Bravo TV

Pure Wow

We are having so much fun building and sharing our new “crazy shake” creations and keeping our classic milkshakes simple and delicious. They pair perfectly with our signature burgers and make the perfect dessert to share. If you haven’t been in lately to try one, come see us and see what makes it the best shake in the state!

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