PEACHY KEEN Monday, August 12, 2013

peach shotsIt’s August, which, in the food world, means on thing: Peaches!

And this month, our pastry chef Sally Bowers has all kind of peachy keen things planned for your mouth, including, but not limited to:


  • peach galettes
  • peach cobbler
  • peach shortcake
  • peaches and cream jello shots
  • and, of course, homemade peach pie

Sally’s even come up with a savory way to showcase this juicy sweet fruit. So keep those eyes peeled (and that mouth watering) for our Peach Panino: a ciabatta roll’d sandwich made with thick-cut bacon, pickled red onions and a blue cheese and chive schmear spread over peaches grilled with espelette chiles!

And of course, you can always, day or night, get the peachy keeniest thing of them all by asking for a flute or two of the Italian-born brunch favorite, the Bellini cocktail.