PLEASE DEW Thursday, May 16, 2013

please dewThe muskmelon‘s not the prettiest fruit, but it’s honeydew varietal is sure one of the tastiest.

That’s why we’ve turned this Vitamin C-fortified fruit into a tasty springtime soda-jerk sodas.

For our Please Dew signature cocktail, we cut all that Vitamin C with vodka—but not just any vodka. We cut it with Beaverton’s Indio Spirits’ Lemongrass-Lime Vodka, which starts smooth and finishes with a gingery bite, just to remind you that you’re an adult.

And in a dash of maraschino liqueur, shake and pour over a pint glass full of ice, and your have a refreshing drink that’s equal parts sweet and sour and that’s so electrically pastel that’s it’s almost a shimmering white.

Pair one with a friend beneath a table umbrella on our sidewalk patio some sunny afternoon.