PORK SHANK Thursday, August 29, 2013

pork shankPortland’s famous for its many unbridled geek communities.

We have festivals for pirates and steampunks, and we perform episodes of Star Trek in the park.

But if you want to enjoy the bacchanal that is a Renaissance Faire, you’ll need to drive outside the city for your battle, wench and turkey drumstick fixes.

Still, if you find yourself anchored to the city between faires, we’ve got just the thing for all you inbetweeners. Something you could eat with a knife and fork, but which has been designed to be eaten by your inner-Viking.

Our on the bone Braised Pork Shank is cured with garlic, coriander, salt and sugar, resulting in a meaty, cudgel-shaped Shank so tender that it just barely clings its bone.

So feel free to skip the cutlery and enjoy a Shank the way it was intended, long before “civilization” got its hands on us: with your choppers.

Go ahead. Dream of joustings, dragons and steins of beer. Feel free to LARP in your mind—heck, LARP  out loud if you want to—as you sink those canines into a tender, juicy shank.