Poutine for the People

Poutine for the People Wednesday, April 01, 2015

French Fries. Cheese curds. Gravy.POUTINE_16x20POSTER_03272015_v2_tanbackground

That’s poutine in its simplest, purest form. But when it comes this Canadian favorite, you can build a better mousetrap.

And for one week in April, you’ll have a chance to try several inventive poutines across town featuring chef-driven extras like smoked gravy, onion gravy and crispy pig ears—with proceeds from each dish you share (or hog) going directly to Providence Cancer Center, where local immunotherapy researchers are teaching our own immune systems to target and destroy cancer cells.

#PoutineforthePeople—yes, we’ve hashtagged it—runs April 20 through April 25, and our partners have dreamt up some dreamy deep-fried winners. Stop by any of the spots below to order up a plate of fries, gravy and curds and help researcher continue the charge against a disease that affects us all.

Poutine for the People Partners include

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Wedge-cut fries, cheese curds and vegan brown gravy (shredded pork’s extra)

Laurelhurst Market

French fries, mozzarella, peas, crispy pork shoulder, gravy

Potato Champion

French fries, curds, gravy (beef or meatless)

Radio Room

French fries, mozzarella, roasted green chiles, crispy pig ear, soft-poached egg, sausage gravy

Smokehouse 21

French fries, curds, pulled pork, smoked brown gravy

Tabor Tavern

French fries, curds, onion gravy (pulled pork’s extra)

The Original

French fries, curds, red wine-braised short rib, brown gravy