PUT A FRIED BIRD ON IT Monday, September 02, 2013

elvis sightingWhen we think birds, we don’t think Hitchcock or Poe.

We think chickens. Specifically fried chickens. For breakfast. And for a reasonable fee, we’ll put one on pretty much anything your stomach wants.

We like to put fried birds on our Elvis Sighting (French toast, bacon, peanut butter syrup, banana slices and banana mousse). But they eat pretty good on waffles, too.

We’ve even seen a couple of you ask for us to put a fried bird on your brunchtime cheeseburger. Yes, you asked us to put quarter-pound chicken breasts, fried, no less, atop you half-pound cheeseburgers. And you ate it. All of it. And you smiled through it all like a kids eating cotton candy for the first time.

So show you feathers next time your in (yep, September’s National Chicken Month!), and spice up your next brunch dish—even your cheeseburgers—with something juicy, crispy and crunchy.