RED BARLEY CHEESECAKE Monday, March 09, 2015

red barley cheesecake

Beer: It’s the world’s most democratic adult beverage.

Wine can make you feel uneducated and dumb, and a craft cocktail’s many ingredients can make you feel overwhelmed, but beer—beer is always there for you. It’ll never judge you, and it’ll never let you down.

The only thing that it doesn’t do is let you eat it.

Well, you couldn’t until now.

For St. Patrick’s Day, and for St. Patrick’s Day only, OG pastry wunderkind Jeremy Intille is paying tribute to the nectar of gods with his Red Barley Cheesecake which, minus the yeast, is pretty much an edible ale.

Here’s how it works. First Jeremy bakes a batch of pretzel cookies, because he knows that we know that nothing pairs better with beer than pretzels. Then he build on top of each cookie a long toasted red barley cheesecake berm, which he blankets with a bahibe chocolate ganache.

If it sounds good, you should taste how it eats. But it’s his finishing touches that’ll really ring your bell the right way: Each cookie is placed atop tastefully executed smears of magnum hop caramel (!) and, for just a little touch of some much-needed bitterness, little crumbled pillars of midnight barley merengue.

So swing by next week for a real taste on St. Patrick’s day. Sláinte!