Reflecting on Summer

Reflecting on Summer Tuesday, September 18, 2018

September for The Original means reflection. Looking back over the previous months, reflecting back to all the fun had and shared during the summer months and although the PNW usually enjoys nice weather during September, it is still the end of summer. Maybe not from a calendar stand point, as September 22nd is the official last day of summer but from a fun standpoint, it feels like the end. With the kids going back to school, the days getting shorter and shorter and the very last of the “nice” weather vacations being taken, September means the end of the summer season. Now it’s time to reminisce about the past few months… all the amazing guests that joined us during their travels through Portland, the locals that were able to cut loose (a bit more than normal, summer weather tends to encourage letting loose) at our bar, all of the meals served to thousands of people as they were heading to some exciting summer activity or ending an amazing day playing in Portland and all the beauty that surrounds Portland.



Remembering all the events that make up summer in Portland: the Blues festival, the 4th of July fireworks display, Oregon Brewfest, The Saturday Market, Starlight Parade, Rose Festival, Rose Parade and the countless other events, both large and small, that make Portland a summer time destination!




The Original takes great pride in having had the opportunity to have served over 40K guests over the past 3 months, with many visiting from all over the globe but with the majority being locals taking advantage of Portland in the summer time!



Until next time summer…