SAZER-AXE Thursday, November 07, 2013

sazer-axeThe Sazerac.

Back in antebellum New Orleans, we first made ’em with French cognac imported from France before swapping it for American rye whiskey.

Our Sazer-AXE splits the difference—it’s made with equal parts cognac (Courvoisier VSOP) and whiskey (the incomparable Templeton Rye).

Mix in some sugar water, a dash of Angostura Bitters, three more of Peychaud’s and serve neat, and you’ve got a drink sure to please William Faulkner,* were he alive enough to drink one today.

*A prodigious drinker—especially of whiskey—Faulkner was fond of the cognac, too. That’s why he dedicated one of his many novels to a man he’d never met—Mister Courvoisier.