SEAFOOD GUMBO Thursday, October 31, 2013

seafood gumboWe make our new Seafood Gumbo Creole-style

which means it pretty much falls in line with what you’d find on the streets or in the home kitchens of Crescent City locals.

There’s the shellfish , of course—oysters, crab, prawns, and for good measure, some tender sole cutlets—and the okra, as well as a ball of rice the size of your fist, a cayenne pepper and filé-rich roux made with every Cajun cook’s Holy Trinity (celery, onions and green peppers), and, for show, we finish it off with little filigrees of mirco celeries.

Wash it all down with our cognac-and-rye Sazer-AXE, and see if you can’t, in fact, picture yourself walking down arm in arm down Burgundy.

Seafood Gumbo: nothing goes down better on a drizzly day—and those drizzly days are on their way.