SOUP (4 WAYS) Tuesday, February 04, 2014

thumbnail grilled cheeseThe best way to beat the cold

is to wait it out.

But that ain’t easy. We’ve got jobs and school and kids and their school, so holing yourself up is out.

Which brings us to the second best way to beat the cold: Soup. Homemade soup.

And when you join us for lunch or dinner, the soup’s always on.

We’ve got a kicky Chili that’ll warm your cockles, and a New England-style Chowder made with Washington State razor clams.

We’ve got an “mmm-hmm good” Tomato Soup designed for dipping your Grilled Cheeses in, and we’ll always have ready for you a fourth bowl—something inspired that will change daily.

So if your winter blues have you feeling kinda off, drop by for a cup or a bowl of what’ll cure you.