STAR WARS DAY Monday, April 29, 2013

death star

If you weren’t hip to it already, Saturday is Star Wars Day. Because, you know, it’s May the 4th, as is May the Fourth Be With You.

Because of that, pastry chefs, Jordan Antioch and Sally Bowers have dreamt up 10 Star Wars-themed desserts, including a sugary (yet sadly inedible) Death Star, which can be admired as it spins in our rotating pastry case.

To get a head start, we’ll take to the streets and present a few “May the Fourth Be With You” items to Sixth Avenue passersby during our outdoor late-morning/afternoon bake sale on Friday, May 3. Proceeds from the bake sale will benefit The United Way.

The Original’s menu of “May the Fourth” items are listed below. The puns are, as you can tell, clearly intentional, as well as unapologetic.

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You!

  • Ewok Claws (bear claws)
  • Leia’s Honey Buns (clover-honey brioche sticky buns)
  • Chewbaccakes (chocolate cupcakes with shaggy chocolate frosting and a dark chocolate belt)
  • Obi-Wan Cannoli (cannoli with a chocolate stripe)
  • The Dark Side Brownie (eating one won’t make you evil, but eating two might make you sluggish)
  • Crab Tauntauns (crab wontons, but with a gooier cream cheese filling, like those found in Tauntauns)
  • “Luke I am your Fava” Phyllo Rolls (Spanikopita-esque roulade filled with a feta and fava bean spread)

And, for the adults in the room:

  • Light Saber Shots (hard test tube-shots in a range of appropriate colors)
  • Jabba the Shake (a special Mudslide-esque adults-only shake of the day)
  • Cantina Punch (expect something hard, red and fruit punchy)