The Story of “Grandma Slugger’s Pickles”

The Story of “Grandma Slugger’s Pickles” Thursday, November 10, 2016

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The Story of “Grandma Slugger’s Pickles”


If you’ve been to The Original then you know that our menu reflects the season, local farmers and purveyors and takes a fun approach to updating classic dishes that we all grew up on. Our menu also is an homage to the family favorites and recipes that are both comforting and unique. A very special menu item that appears on several of our dishes is our “Grandma Slugger’s” pickles. These tangy, briny, perfectly crunchy pickles are a part of the story of our Sous Chef, Brandon “Slugger” Stein. So, where did “Slugger” come from? As a kid, Brandon grew up playing baseball and the General Manager here at The Original learned of this and knew that was the best nickname for him.

Brandon, originally from Milwaukie, Wisconsin, grew up cooking dinner with his parents and on visits to his grandmother’s home, spent time baking with her. The pickle recipe that he shared with The Original and the kitchen was based off of a recipe in his grandmother’s notebook. Before her passing she gifted this treasured notebook to Brandon. The book was a collection of her recipes and although some were hard to read, he was able to piece together the recipe for the pickles and even added his own spice blend to update the original. Brandon has found a lot of the fun in this recipe is trying and experimenting with different spices and flavors but always staying with the foundation from his grandmother.

This recipe is even more special as it is a fond reminder of Brandon’s childhood and going into his grandmother’s cellar and seeing all of her pickling jars of various vegetables from her garden each and every year. Says Brandon, “She was always fermenting something down there and all of the different smells interested me.”

Growing up a favorite pickle dish was “Fried Pickles” with a simple buttermilk sauce. Even today, Brandon finds himself looking back at dishes his family made growing up and reinventing them with a modern, fresh twist. This special recipe is exactly what we’re all about – classic, familiar flavors updated and made with love and heart.

Come in and try “Grandma Slugger’s” pickles on our burgers, sandwiches and more!