Summer Treats – Ice Cream with a Twist

Summer Treats – Ice Cream with a Twist Wednesday, July 19, 2017









Summer Treats – Ice Cream with a Twist

Way back in history, ice cream was a luxury. A decadent treat for the affluent. It was the ultimate dish for ending a meal. Well, today, fortunately for us, ice cream is available around the clock in a multitude of flavors for everyone. At any age, ice cream is that cool, melt in your mouth food that we can’t get enough of.








At The Original we take ice cream seriously. Well, not too seriously…we like to have fun and give our guests delicious new ways to enjoy this old fashioned treat. We offer a selection of desserts that range from ice cream tacos to boozy milkshakes. Our desserts don’t stop there. In celebration of National Ice Cream month our kitchen has created some truly sinful and inspired ice cream dishes.









In typical OG fashion we have taken classic flavors and elevated and given them our own twist. Let’s start with our Graham Cracker Bruleed Ice Cream Sandwich – reminiscent of a s’more but with an ice cream kick. If that wasn’t enough, we sort of took a bar snack staple and froze it…literally! Ice Cream Nachos, created by Chef Malorie, the perfect dessert to share. We fry up housemade chips and toss with cinnamon and sugar. The “nacho dip” is made entirely of ice cream, mango salsa and whipped cream. You’ve never had anything else like it and you’ll definitely crave it all summer long.








A perennial favorite is without a doubt our CHOCO TACOS. A crunchy, golden brown waffle cone “taco shell” filled with ice cream and covered in a white chocolate hard shell topping. We all love tacos and we all adore ice cream so it only makes sense to combine the two!


You’ll also find riffs on Ice Cream Parfaits, Ice Cream Bars and Ice Cream Sandwiches. You’ll need to visit more than once to try them all!