THE BREAKFAST BURRITO Tuesday, October 01, 2013

burritoWe don’t exactly exactly how the burrito got its name

(it translates, literally, as “little donkey”), but we do know that it’s probably got its name because, like those beasts of burden, it transports things. In this case, yummy things, to our mouths.

A cousin to the taco, the burrito originated in central Mexico as a sorta small, spare Aztec street sando, but since crossing the Rio Grande, it’s grown fat and happy on menus all across the land.

Our Breakfast Burrito‘s pretty gordo, too—it’s stuffed with scrambled eggs, onions, potatoes and a pork chili verde (made with pulled pork shoulder, tomatillos, green chiles and jalapeños), which is all wrapped up in a large flour tortilla, topped with melted Tillamook cheddar cheese and guacamole, and served with a side of salsa fresca.

Available for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night.

In other words, every time, all the time.