THE CHERRY BOMB Monday, May 27, 2013

cherry bombWhich is the better Cherry Bomb?

The propulsive Joan Jett-penned version that made The Runaways a mid-1970s sensation, or the one John Cougar Mellencamp strummed into a hit a decade later?

Like the firecracker for which it’s named, our deep red take on the same sparkly muse explodes in the shape a champagne cocktail.

And, if you’ve got a couple of Hamiltons at the ready and the rest of the afternoon free, it might just trump either song.

We fill those flutes with a bunch of bubbles and our housemade cherry soda before dashing into them a bit of the floral liqueur Esprit de June.

Enjoy one Mellencamp-style on some sultry, steamy summer night sometime soon.

Or, because it’s so similar to a mimosa and, this being wedding season and all, order a round for your table at your post-bachelorette party punk rock brunch.