THE DAILY DOG Monday, May 20, 2013

daily dogAs the sun keeps insisting, it’s that time of year again. And by that time of year, we mean, it’s time to eat Hot Dogs.

Thing is, we think every day is the day to eat Hot Dogs. That’s why we offer not just one, but two Daily Dogs—those half-pound, foot-long architecturally complex and often absurdist creations dreamt up for both lunch and dinner by the boys and girls in the back of the house.

Maybe you’ve bitten into our delicious Chili Cheese Dog (chili, cheese fondue), our Cobb Dog—it’s like a Cobb Salad, but, you know, on a hot dog—or even our French fry-sprinkeld cheese curd-and-brown gravy Poutine Dog.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, chances are it’ll wind up on one of our Daily Dogs soon. Stay tuned to find out which Daily Dog’s on deck by following us on on Twitter, where we each day’s flavor.