THE EGG Thursday, May 30, 2013

omeletWhether scrambled, over easy or sunny side up

your breakfast Eggs Any Style always comes with hash browns, your choice of toast and, if you’re still hungry, something porky.

Maybe you want ’em scrambled? Well, they come scrambled (in our Breakfast Burritos and our Chilaquiles).

And poached (Eggs Benedict, Crab Benedict, or atop a mountain of Poutine).

They come baked (Tomato Baked Eggs).

And beaten (in omelets of course, and, if you’re keeping an eye on the ol’ ticker, they come white, too).

The come with Steak and Biscuits and Gravy.

They come boiled (Cobb Salads).

And we make ’em for dinner too (a poached one rests atop your Crab Cake appetizer, fried ones top your burgers and a sunny side upper comes with your Breakfast for Dinner Sausage and French Toast).

And those are just the eggs you can see.

We use ’em in aioli, we flip ’em in your cocktails, we butter ’em up for your Hollandaise and we bathe your French Toast in ’em.

And don’t forget. If it’s sweet and it’s been baked, it’s almost certainly is made of eggs.

In other words, whether in your drink or on your burger, Every Time is the Right Time for Eggs.