THE GRILLED CHEESE Tuesday, March 18, 2014

thumbnail grilled cheeseIf you’ve ever had lunch here

you probably already know that we make a pretty mean one (melted gruyère and cheddar cheeses on griddled Grand Central como bread).

But what you might not know is that March, all of it, is National Grilled Cheese Month.

It was, after all, your favorite kid dish, right?*

How you choose to celebrate this month’s up to you. You could opt for to pair yours with a salad or a brown bag of fries (but just thinking about pairing it with one of those is kinda thought-crimey, isn’t it?).

Because what you really want is to pair yours with is a cup of homemade “mm-mmm good” tomato soup (heavy cream, onions, fennel and tomatoes).

Then, all you have to decide is whether “to dip,” or “not to dip.” Lucky for you, there is no correct answer (although “to dip,” is the more correct answer of the two).

*And don’t worry moms and dads, we’ve got your kid covered—our Kids Menu Grilled Cheese Sandos are available all the time.