HUMMINGBIRD BAR Tuesday, March 03, 2015

hummingbirdMarch is National Nutrition Month

and we’re choosing to celebrate it—even if we are known for hawking donut cheeseburgers on the regs.

Choosing to eat healthy when you eat out is a tricky sticky wicket, especially when it comes to dessert. Well, at least it used to be.

Enter OG pastry whiz Jeremy Intelle and his fairly sinless Hummingbird bar, a nut-and-seed short dough pleaser glued together with caramel pecan filling and topped with millet and crushed pistachios, filberts and sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds.

It’s super tasty and, most impressively, it’s a sort of life hack, meaning you get to enjoy dessert without suffering the inherent guilt that generally comes with it.

Swing by for one and ask for it by name.