The Kung Pow Burger

The Kung Pow Burger Saturday, May 23, 2015

kung pow burgerWelcome to Burger Month, our fourth and final round.

As we’ve been saying all month, May is National Burger Month, so we’re celebrating it by offering different lunch and dinner Blue Plate Burger Specials every week.

So what’s Chef AJ up to this week?

A very special Kung Pow Chicken Burger.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • a 6-ounce chicken patty (with raw chopped up celery and red bell peppers, made with 50 percent white meat and 50 percent dark
  • Kung Pow sauce (soy sauce, mirin and Sambal peanuts)
  • julienned carrot marinate in fish sauce and lime juice
  • a bed of chopped cabbage
  • and a homemade toasted sesame seeded brioche bun

So come on down and get one for lunch of dinner! We sell the last one on May 31.