THE LEAN MACHINE Monday, April 07, 2014

bikini dietWe know, we know.

We serve comfort food. We take pride in serving big batches of comfort food.

But sometimes, for some of you, an awful lot can be too much, especially first thing in the morning. While anything that needs hollandaise or maple syrup will most certainly give you the energy you need from your day’s most important meal, it can often digest a little too slowly, you know?

We do. That’s why we figured it’s time to give you not just a light breakfast option, but a spiritually healthy one, too.

Ergo: the Lean Machine.

As you can deduce by the accompanying photograph, it’s pretty much exactly what it looks like.

Half a sliced avocado? Check. A ramekin of toasted Marcona almonds? Yep. Another ramekin of cottage cheese? Certainly. Half-a-grapefruit? It’s there. And, like a bow on a present, a little salad of wild baby arugula, lightly tossed with our lemon-olive oil vinaigrette.

Not only will it fill you up, you can snack and nibble until you’re plate is clear and feel pretty good about it, both during and after your meal.

And if all that sounds a little too goodie-goody, you can always cut it with a Bloody Mary.

We won’t tell.