THE QUINCE NEGRONI Thursday, January 02, 2014

negroniIf Portland adopted a citywide cocktail

it just might be the Negroni.

Nah! Who are we kidding. It’d be two fingers of bourbon with Fernet chaser.

But we do like our Negroni. We celebrate them every Cocktail Week, don’t we?

And the cool thing about them is that you can stay true to their recipe while mixing in little surprises.

If you couldn’t already tell, our surprise is a bit of quince syrup (made with apples, lemons, cardamom, juniper and black pepper), which we splash into a Martini glass with the usual gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.

And Negroni make the perfect apéritif, so whet your whistler with one before we bring you your London Broil.

Trust. It’ll make you hungrier and make your supper taste even better.