THE SINATRA Monday, June 17, 2013

thumbnail SinatraWhen you want to impress your date, what do you order?

A classic martini? Two fingers of Scotch?

Can’t decide? Then ask yourself, “What would Sinatra do?”

If the Chairman of the Board were alive and swinin’ today, we think he’d split the difference and order both.

Our signature Sinatra cocktail looks like a Martini—the vodka‘s there (courtesy of the distillers at Bend, Oregon’s Crater Lake), and so are the pair of olives (which we’re stuffed with our garlic-confit’d farmhouse cheese).

But this Martini’s got Scotch. In this case, a Caol Ila Scotch rinse.

And just to take the sting off those smokey, peaty notes, we give it a spritz of absinthe.

So go on and give that hat a jaunty angle. You impress your date. Leave it to us to impress you with this sophisticated take on the classic cocktail.