THE TRIPLE B Monday, August 19, 2013

bacon maple milkshakeWe all know that Portland is the “City of Roses” and the city that “Works.”

It’s also a city we’ve been tasked with keeping “Weird.”

We have an official flag and an official theme song. We we even have an official bird—the Great Blue Heron.

What we don’t have is an official flavor.

But if we did, it would no doubt be—thanks in large part to the boys at the donut shop just east of our digs—bacon maple.

Lots of kitchens have adopted this irresistible combination. But we trump it, by tying those flavors together with some vanilla ice cream and everybody’s official spirit: bourbon.

It’d be one thing if we just mixed those ingredients together, but that maple syrup in our boozy bacon maple Triple B milkshake? That’s no mere maple syrup. It’s a syrup infused with both bacon and bourbon. Add another bourbon shot and—Presto Chango—the Triple B.

We think you’ll love it. The fine folks at Food Republic sure did. They just named it one this nation’s 9 essential Boozy Milkshakes of 2013.