THE WEDGE Wednesday, October 08, 2014

wedgeWhen Sinatra wanted a salad

he’d order a Wedge. Why? Because a Wedge is supper club classic. Classic like a steak.

And if he wanted more Wedge, he’d just eat yours, right off your plate, probably while giving you a What-are-you-gonna-do-about-it-Mac stinkeye.

But he never got to see our Wedge, which is a little sad because our Wedge could’ve fed two Sinatras.

See: We take a half-head of iceberg lettuce and then slice that in half. Then we cover it with blue cheese dressing, blue cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, bacon lardons and a tangly nest of homemade fried onions.

Think you can swing one? Belly up, baby, and have at it.