VANILLA MILKSHAKES Thursday, June 20, 2013

berry boozyNot surprisingly, vanilla is the most vanilla of all ice cream flavors.

But it’s also ice cream’s most important, and unsung, flavor, too.

No vanilla? No hot fudge sundaes. No banana splits. No Cookies ‘n’ Cream. No Berry Milkshakes.

Without vanilla, we wouldn’t be able to make (and you wouldn’t be able to drink) these Boozy Shakes:

The Salty Jim (vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, bourbon)

The Berry Boozy (vanilla ice cream, berries, vodka)

The Pick Me Up (vanilla, espresso, Bailey’s)

Vanilla is the original OG. Pay it its proper respect the next time you’re sweet tooth strikes by asking for a pure, cold creamy vanilla milkshake. Or, if sugar alone is not enough, adulterate it with some booze!