Welcome to October

Welcome to October Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Original Dinerant, Portland OR
Welcome to October

Portland during the fall is the place to be, with the changing of the seasons, fall means cooler weather, colorful leaves and of course, the return of the rain. October also means The Original! During the month of October, The Original begins to see an influx of locals, returning on a more regular basis now that the summer travel season has officially ended.


When Portland begins to see the return of the rain, Portlanders also begin getting back to their favorite spots, enjoying food and libations, with brunch being a favorite past time for Portlanders. The Original has always been known as a Portland brunch spot but with the return of football, the cooler weather and the rain, The Original picks up and sees guests dining longer, enjoying an extra Bloody Mary and extra time with friends and family.

There is something to be said about enjoying a Bloody Mary while waiting for your Eggs Benedict and of course checking the score of the game, or (for those not into sports) posting pics on your Instagram account of Portland’s Best Bloody Mary. Yes, I said best! The Original was most recently awarded the People’s Choice Award for the Best Bloody Mary at this year’s annual Bloody Mary Festival. October means Bloody Mary’s at The Original!!!