ZOMBIE BRUNCH! Wednesday, October 23, 2013

zombiesWe’re coming.

Not for your brains though. For your bellies.

Let us fill them for you when you swing by—and dress up!—for our annual Zombie Brunch, where you can suck the vodka from some Bloody Marys while taking some bites outta the the spooky specials our dark arts kitcheneers have conjured up.

If you’ve got sweet teeth, then you’re gonna wanna sink ’em into our REDRUM Cakes—I.E. Red Velvet Pancakes topped with Bananas Foster.

But if you’re feeling a wee devilish, ask for our Frittata Diablo—our eggy, spicy chorizo-roasted pepper-melted mozzarella dish.

Zombie Brunch starts at 7am, this Sunday, October 27, and last until 3pm.

So drop in and let us breathe a little life back into you.